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The services provided by A New Hope consist of an integrated array of individually tailored services and supports for eligible participants. These services and supports are designed by the participant’s care team, with input of the participant, to assist in residing successfully in the participant’s own home or with their families.


The services and supports furnished are aimed at assisting the individual to acquire, retain, or improve the ability to reside as independently as possible in the home and community. This may include training in self-direction, money management including training or assistance in handling personal finances; daily living skills including routine housekeeping, meal preparation, dressing, personal hygiene, mobility, accessing and using public transportation, and independent travel; behavior shaping and management including training and assistance in appropriate expressions of emotions or desires, assertiveness, advocation for self, and acquisition of socially appropriate behaviors.


Our paraprofessional staff are overseen by Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (QIDPs) that monitor the treatment and interactions between staff and clients. Staff are directed to interact and approach clients in the manner that best suits their needs for learning the skills they desire to acquire.

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Services for Adults

Intense Support

Intense Support provides those exceptional participants who require intense, twenty-four (24) hour per day supports and supervision. This support level typically requires one-on-one staffing, but requests for a blend of one-on-one and group staffing will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To qualify for this level of support, participants must be evaluated to meet strict criteria.

High Support

High Support provides those participants who require twenty-four (24) hour per day supports and supervision and have an SIB-R Support Level of Pervasive, Extensive, or Frequent. High support allows for a blend of one-on-one and group staffing.

Hourly Support

Hourly Support provides care for the number of hours identified within the individual’s plan. These supports are available in home and community settings. Hourly Supports can include daily living skills, money management, socialization, and transportation. This support level is one-to-one staffing.

Adult Day Health

Adult Day Health (ADH) is a center-based service available for participants 18 or older that are currently supported on an A&D waiver or a DD waiver. ADH seeks to offer participants a structured program that offers a supportive and fun social environment designed for participants to socialize with peers while enjoying the various offerings each day. Friendly and positive staff members monitor the activities of the day and help participants navigate healthy peer interactions to develop positive social relationships.

Skills Training

Skills Training teaches waiver participants to perform activities with greater independence and to carry out or reinforce habilitation training. Services are focused on training and are not designed to provide substitute task performance. Skills training is provided to encourage and accelerate development in independent daily living skills, self-direction, money management, socialization, mobility and other therapeutic programs.

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy at A New Hope is a center-based therapeutic service for those participants that are 18 or older and currently on the DD waiver. Each plan is individualized and designed to support the participant as they gain various experiences to help advance their communication skills, life skills, and social skills. Some of these specific skill building areas include self-care, receptive and expressive language, learning, mobility, self-direction, capacity for independent living, and economic self-sufficiency. This therapy service is provided by trained professionals utilizing positive behavioral techniques to assist adults with developmental disabilities to encourage greater involvement with their peers and the greater community.

Personal Assistance Services

Personal Assistance Services aid the individual in daily living activities, household tasks, and routine activities the participant is unable to accomplish on his/her own behalf.

My son has been working with A New Hope for 3 years now. He has been given amazing opportunities to be independent.  He loves being in his own home. A lot of thought and consideration went into matching his housemates to ensure a good living arrangement. The staff and management are amazing. They have their clients' best interests in mind all the time. They have not only provided my son with amazing opportunities, they have given me peace of mind that my son is in good hands and he is well cared for. He is living the way he wants to because A New Hope provides the support he needs to have a job, a home, and social interaction. 

Rachel Walker

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